F*CKEN PLUS – Mayday Maygerparty

24-04-30-f cken-plus-grelle-forelle
30. April 2024 um 23:00 – 1. Mai 2024 um 6:00
Grelle Forelle
Spittelauer Lände 12
1090 Wien

GRELLE FORELLE: Mayday Maygerparty
Willkommen zur raunchiesten Party Wiens.
Erstmals findet der traditionelle MEAT MARKET MAYDAY in der Forelle statt. Und zwar im Rahmen eines F*CKEN PLUS.
Der Main-Act ist FERDINGER aus Paris:
Ferdinger, a native of the southern region of Germany and currently based in the city of Paris, has carved a name for himself as an uncompromising artist within the realm of techno. Known for his invigorating sound that seamlessly blends 90s-inspired timbres with contemporary textures, Ferdinger delivers an unparalleled sonic experience that pulses with energy and excitement.
In his personal productions and captivating DJ sets, Ferdinger skillfully crafts a mesmerizing realm of grooves. While firmly rooted in techno, Ferdinger fearlessly explores beyond genre boundaries, occasionally delving into other sonic landscapes such as house and bass music. This versatility enables him to infuse his sets and productions with an unexpected and refreshing blend of influences, keeping audiences on their toes
Ferdinger’s talent has garnered him recognition from esteemed labels including ARTS, Skryptöm, BCCO, Maison Close and IMF showcasing his ability to captivate listeners and leave a lasting impact. Additionally, he oversees his own imprint, Life In Patterns, where he continues to nurture emerging talents and release cutting-edge music.
F*cken Plus ist zurück und steht noch immer für programmierten Ausnahmezustand. Wir bringen Eskapismus und Exzess zurück in den Schatten der Verbrennungsanlage Spittelau.

Techno (Main):
FERDINGER (Live in Patterns, Paris)
Gerald VDH
Pop / Trash / RnB / Remixes (Kitchen):
Philipp Eicher & Flo Loveshack
All Gender, Limited Capacity
Flyer Art:

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